Crash Test Dummies - Equal rights

They broke through with a 1993 song with the improbable title Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm that sticks in memory especially because of the growling, low register oriented vocals of lead singer Brad Roberts.

The band, that comes from Canadian Winnipeg, Manitoba, also benefited not a little from the cool sexual looks of blonde singer Ellen Reid, a side note for which we apologize beforehand as it may sound a bit disadvantageous to women.

Who came up with band name Crash Test DummiesA crash test dummy is a humanoid doll with the same length, the same weight and the same body proportions as a human being. The doll is designed to react to certain conditions (for example, car accidents) as a human body (please don't get upset, Ellen: male and female dummies suffer equally).

A friend of the band – a student of medicine – is said to have proposed the name as a joke. The band however took it very seriously.

Active: 1988-present, CAN

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