DC Talk

Explanation of band name DC Talk - Linden-the-Street-PreacherAlso written as dc Talk. This trio – it may well be the most popular Christian act of our time - is based in Lynchburg, Virginia and excels in rap, rock and hip hop with an edifying touch.

There is much debate on various internet forums about the meaning of the letters DC and of the name in its entirety. Disciples of Christ: that could explain it, but it is clearly incorrect. Dedicated Christian: almost there. Decent Christian then? Yes, that's it!

The full name is Decent Christan Talk, in other words the texts that well-behaved Christians give a rendering of.

The evidence for the correctness of this last explanation is provided in the DC Talk song When DC Talks:

'D is for decent, I mean what I say
But obscene, I don't play that way
C is for Christ, to the I-A-N
That's right y'all, I am born again'.

Active: 1987-2001?, USA
Site: http://www.dctalk.com/

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