Devo - Time will tell

Some bands seem to provoke all kinds of pseudo psychological drivel. Take the punk rocking new wavers of Devo, a band from Akron, Ohio. Their music is described as theatrical, as a mixture of kitsch and science fiction and also as a crossing of surreal humor and biting satire. All this then leads to discordant pop songs, played by unusual synthetic instruments and ditto time signatures, and consequently their work is seen as a huge influence on subsequent popular music. Well, time will tell.

When the origins of the band name are being discussed the same kind of chatter can be heard. There are people who think that it was Devo that figured out the concept of devolution, whereas apparently the principles of that philosophy have been unfolded in the sixteenth century already.

Others fasten their teeth into the view that Devo was inspired by The Beginning Was the End, a book by Oscar Kiss Maerth, whose main interest is cannibalism (and especially consuming the still warm brain of one or more fellow human beings – would you like some grated cheese to top it off?).

What band name Devo means - devolutionMore in the line of things is that Devo is attracted to the devolution theory, that postulates that humanity makes no progress, on the contrary, it is progressively declining mentally, as evidenced by the dysfunction of society and the prevailing herd mentality, particularly of the American population.

Active: 1972-1991; 1996-present, USA

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