DJ Ötzi - Prehistoric dance producer

DJ Ötzi, who is a pop, schlager and dance expert, is actually called Gerhard Friedle and resides in Sankt Johan (in the Tyrol area in Austria), but he was born in Ötz, in the Ötz Valley.

That would have been sufficient to explain his stage name, but the find of a mummified corpse in that same Ötztal - later renamed The Iceman and Ötzi by the press - offers a much nicer explanation.

How DJ Otzi got his name - Recreation of Otzi the IcemanÖtzi (we are now talking about the mummy, not the DJ) was discovered in 1991 in the ice of a glacier. First the finders thought it was an unfortunate mountain hiker, and Ötzi was rescued from the ice with brute force, resulting in an 'injury' to his hip. To make matters worse various clothing remnants and tools of Ötzi found their way into the pockets of souvenir hunters present at the salvage site.

Later it was discovered how old the 'mountain hiker' really was: some five thousand years. And later again it was calculated that the remains of Ötzi were exactly 92 meters and 56 centimetres across the Austrian border with Italy. So the Austrians - probably disappointed to the bone - had to transfer the Iceman to Italy.

Ötzi is now in Bolzano for everyone to see. He may be dead, but people who don't warm up to schlager will find him better company than the DJ who bears his name.

Active: *1971, AUT

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