It's a Beautiful Day

How the band It's a Beautiful Day got their name - Pied_PiperThe musical career of the most glorious member of it's a Beautiful Day, David LaFlamme, dawned in the Utah Symphony Orchestra. So it's not surprising that LaFlamme's first group was given the name Orkustra; in that formation he played among others – and that is surprising - a five string violin.

The name of the Californian band was a creation of manager and producer Matthew Katz. This Katz used to follow the same routine: first he devised a name and then he searched for musicians to match that name. In some cases that worked out very well (Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape), in other cases it didn't (Indian Puddin' and Pipe, Tripsichord Music Box) - but it worked often enough for Katz to go to sleep satisfied and even to prematurely ascribe to himself a fairly immodest epitaph: 'The behind the scenes pied piper of the love generation'.

Thanks to, or despite, Katz' efforts (most bands got cross with Katz after a while) It's a Beautiful Day managed to entrust to the vinyl at least one unforgettable composition: the touching song White Bird.

Active: 1967-1974; 1997-present, USA

See also: Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape

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