Kula Shaker - Mixing cultures

Kula Shaker name origins - Kerala - Kathakali_Performance_Close-upHowever adept the London formation of four performing as Kula Shaker may be at genres as psychedelic rock and Brit pop, the quartet really is known for their interest in traditional Indian music. No wonder, therefore, that the band name relates to that type of music.

Kulashekhara was an Indian dynasty founded by King Kulashekhara Varman. Between the ninth and the twelfth century the dynasty ruled over Kerala (Malabar), Cuddalore, part of the Nilgiri district and the region of Salem-Coimbatore, nowadays southern parts of India.

Active: 1995-1999; 2004-present, GBR
Site: http://www.kulashaker.co.uk/

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