Living Colour - Can we make up o[u]r minds abo[u]t that u?

Where Living Colour have their band name from - 1956 NBC logoHard rocking band from New York City, New York that added a 'u' to its band name for contrast: Americans normally write color, English write colour.

The term living colo[u]r is taken from one of the so-called Network ID's (visual station calls) of national channel NBC.

First released in 1961 their short trailer consisted of the broadcaster's animated logo, a colo[u]rful peacock.

The backgro[u]nd music was a cheerful, flute-blown melody, followed by the smoky voice of an invisible presenter: 'The following program is bro[u]ght to you in living colo[u]r on NBC.'

Active: 1984-1995; 2000-present, USA

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