My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine band name origins - My-Bloody-Valentine-Film-PosterNoise pop is one of the genres these Dublin-based alternative rockers are proficient at.

My Bloody Valentine is also the title of a 1981 slasher movie, a movie in the same category as Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980). The gory film became a cult movie after it came out that censors cut no less than nine minutes out of it, it is assumed because the John Lennon murder (1980) was still fresh in people's minds in 1981.

But probably the scissors of censorship were worked first and foremost because of - as Wikipedia says - the outrageous amount of violence and bloodshed.

A remake of the movie has been released: in 3D, advertised by an extended title: My Bloody Valentine 3D. Will the band get the clue and change its name accordingly?

Active: 1983-1997; 2007-present, IRL



Anonymous said...

Maybe a reference to the jazz standard. Also I believe kevin shields has said he was unaware of the movie

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