Rydell High - Classroom observations

First the band was called Apathy, but probably that name sparked off too much enthusiasm, so it was changed to Rydell High.

For their repertoire this had no consequences: according to the band members they still prefer music in line with that of other local bands, which in our view doesn't help much to improve their competitive position.

Rydell High band name history - rydell-high-greaseOn to the band name then: Rydell High is the school that plays a prominent role in the music film Grease.

Apparently the school in the film is based on an existing educational institution: the William Howard Taft High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Here Jim Jacobs, the author of Grease, took classes and a close look at his classmates.

Active: 2006-present, AUS
Site: http://www.myspace.com/rydellhighau



Steve said...

They were active before 2000. They did not appear in Grease. Winona Ryder has been stuck in my hear for the better part of 2 decades...threw out a promo cd before i realized how catchy it is. :(

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