Spider Murphy Gang

Skandal im Sperrbezirk is probably the best-known song by the German Neue Welle band The Spider Murphy Gang. Bank clerk Günther Sigl spun the first threads of the formation more than thirty years ago in Munich.

How did the Spider Murphy Gang get their band name - Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock PosterSpider Murphy came crawling out of the mind of writer Jerome 'Jerry' Leiber, who together with composer Mike Stoller wrote countless immortal rock 'n' roll songs. Such as the perhaps most immortal number, Jailhouse Rock, sung inimitably by Elvis in his 1957 film of the same name. A piece of text:

'Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone
Little Joe was blowin' on the slide trombone
The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang
The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang'.

Active: 1977-present, DEU
Site: http://www.spider-murphy-gang.de/

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