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Officially the name should be spelled wih an n-diaeresis (which is a 'n' with two dots above it, or - as the band once put it - a letter 'n' with a heavy metal umlaut), and the 'i' is officially written without a dot.

We tried typing it, and we concluded that it is a lot of trouble for a formation that does not even exist.

Because Spinal Tap (as you can see we definitely prefer the modern spelling) is a fictional heavy-metal band that plays the leading role in the movie This Is Spinal Tap.

It's a parody of the genre 'musical road movie' that so many more or less successful acts venture into, not only to boost revenues from their albums, performances and merchandising, but also to cash in from cinema registers.

What's interesting in the case of Spinal Tap is that this fictional movie band later appeared in music halls also – bringing in numerous guest musicians, to be sure (see in this context also The Rutles).

Spinal Tap band name meaning - Brain fluid - Runny noseRegarding the name: a spinal tap is a lumbar puncture, or a spinal jab as some hospital regulars call it.

At the lower part of the back (at the lumbar vertebrae, out of reach of the spinal cord) there is a cavity that is filled with brain fluid (weird, but true).

That fluid can be tapped with a thin needle for further investigation. Call back next week for the results.

Active: 1964-1982; 1984; 1992; 2001; 2007; 2009-present, USA
Site: http://www.spinaltapfan.com/

See also: Rutles

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