Tangerine Dream - Clear singing voices needed

Edgar Froese is actually the only constant factor in this German electronic Krautrock band; for this reason it is a bit hard that his temporary band mate Klaus Schulze enjoys an even greater reputation among lovers of the Berlin School branch.

The band name supposedly has been taken from the epic Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, more precisely from the Lennon song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, in which there is mention of tangerine trees.

Meaning of band name Tangerine Dream - Dali - Dream treeThe band name therefore may have been a case of misheard lyrics: instead of trees Froese heard dream.

In favor of this theory is that Tangerine Dream came to life in 1967, exactly the year in which Pepper made its way to the record-racks for the first time.

Against it is that Pepper is exactly the very first album in popular music history that has the full lyrics of all songs printed on the cover. If Froese would have been a bit more awake he would have seen that the text was about trees, not dreams.

Active: 1967-present, DEU
Site: http://www.tangerinedream.org/

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Unknown said...

Froese has said in the past that it was an acronym, but he was notorious for giving answers that put him in the best light. Lying, if you will. However, it is an acronym for "I am a nerd regent."

daneshananda said...

The British psychedelic band Kaleidoscope released an album called Tangerine Dream in 1967. Maybe Froese took it from that album?

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