Barbed Wire Noose

How Barbed Wire Noose got their band name - Mr YuckThe progressive metal band from sunny Palm Springs took its musical inspiration from such acts as Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Rush, Boston and Judas Priest.

The source of inspiration for the band name may well have been a Three Sixes song, Possession. The track is not too carnivalesque judging by this small quotation:

'My lust to mutilate, subjugate and abuse
I satisfy with torn flesh from a barbed wire noose'.

Meat torn off by a barbed wire noose? Yuck.

A somewhat more literary inclination could have swung them round to the title of a Harold Adams novel (Barbed Wire Noose – a Carl Wilcox Mystery).

Active: 1998-2011?, USA

See also: Alice in ChainsJudas Priest

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