Beau Brummels - Brush your boots with champagne!

Pop rock band from San Francisco, California, experts in folk rock, country rock and - obviously – pop rock.
Where band name Beau Brummels came from - Beau Brummell suit

The fact that Beau Brummels styled the band name after a once fashionable way to say dandy or coxcomb had little to do with the dressing habits of these gentlemen. In reality it was just a clever move: records with this name would be on display right behind those of The Beatles in the record shop!

George Bryan 'Beau' Brummell (1778-1840) is the designer of the smart suits that are still worn today: dark, with trousers and an elegantly tied tie. Beau says: brush your boots with champagne!

Active: 1964-1968; 1974-1975, USA

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