This West Chester, Pennsylvania based American post-grunge band could have tried to become popular with an intellectual audience if the group name would have referred to the algorithm by Cocke-Kasami-Younger (CKY).

For the inquisitive among us: this algorithm determines whether or not a string can be generated by a given context-free grammar; if this is the case, it tells us exactly how the string is generated, which is called parsing the string. The algorithm is an example of dynamic programming.
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All good and well, but regrettably we must disappoint those readers who are still awake by now: the band was not inspired by Messrs Cocke, Kasami and Younger. We owe it to the obsessive interest lead singer Deron Miller has for horror films that the band is called CKY.

The movie Sleepaway Camp (1982) made Miller decide to adorn his band with the name Camp Kill Yourself.

Somewhat controversial of course and that will be the reason that the band mostly goes through life as CKY, Camp, cKy or ckY.

Active: 1998-present, USA

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