Gap Band

Three Wilson brothers (Charlie, Ronnie and Robert) form the GAP Band that sprang up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What band name Gap Band stands for - Greetings From Tulsa OklahomaThe brothers initially played out of their funky world under the name Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band, which instantly explains the abbreviation GAP. The three mentioned streets are all found in what is known as Black Wall Street in Tulsa, officially called Greenwood Cultural District.

In former times this district, inhabited by black people, was doing so well economically that Greenwood got the nickname Negro Wall Street. Later this name was considered to be incompatible with good taste, so it was changed into Black Wall Street.

Active: 1967-2010, USA



Unknown said...

OP didn't have to be there. It's still just as true.

Unknown said...

...and why not just go on ahead and explain what happened to that neighborhood in the 1920's? That it was firebombed and destroyed by whites. Over 9,000 people left homeless in the aftermath, hundreds perished.

Unknown said...

All who perished were black. Flaming airbombs were dropped from planes, thus the name f the song, "Dropped a bomb on me". Blacks were getting just a little too uppity for the whites. This neighborhood had its own banks, libraries, movie theaters, schools.

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