Largemouth Bass Band - Sensitive to vibrations

The full name of the band actually is Kurt Beren The Largemouth Bass Band, but out of pure laziness we categorized the band here under the letter 'L'.

A largemouth bass is a freshwater fish - and the beast has a big mouth indeed. The band's leader, Milwaukee Wisconsin folk rocker Kurt Beren, is known to be an avid angler, so the band name does not necessarily say anything about the volume of his voice.

Why band name Largemouth Bass Band - Singing fish singingMoreover, the word 'band' in the group name is not only a musical band; it also refers to an external feature of the largemouth bass. The flanks of the fish have a black stripe which is sensitive to vibrations caused by the movements of its favorite prey, the rock-bass.

There is also a gadget that goes through life as the Singing Fish Largemouth Bass: you may know it, it's an imitation stuffed, singing perch that you can see hanging on the wall in some places.

Editor's note: we haven't discovered a video of the band yet in the long lists of clips of anglers catching bass. So for the moment we'll have to do with a singing fish ...

Active: 1996-present, USA

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