Seether - Could have been worse

Nice that a South African band is shaking up this blog a little.

What inspired band name Seether - Lion AngerThe post grungers from Pretoria are not being difficult about it at all and readily admit they borrowed their name from the first single their colleagues from US post grunge band Veruca Salt released in 1994.

Seether comes from the verb to seethe, and that implies an extreme flow of something, like anger.

Seether was called Saron Gas first; when ethical concerns arose (Saron resembled Sarin too much, one of the most dangerous nerve gases man has managed to make so far) a somewhat more innocent name was adopted.

Active: 1999-present, ZAF

See also: Veruca Salt

Do you know a different explanation? Were you there when it happened? Questions or suggestions? Post a comment!

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