Shai Hulud - You dig?

Metal band from Pompano Beach, Florida that later - as if the name of their original home did not sound good enough – moved their workshop to Poughkeepsie, New York.

What band name Shai Hulud means - Dune's giant sandwormShai-Hulud (note the dash) is a fictional character, a sand worm, created by Frank Herbert, who lets the creature play a striking role in his literary Dune universe.

Everything the Shai-Hulud do is considered extremely important, because it is regarded as a message from God. Add to this that the worms are nearly ineradicable and that they can get thousands of years old and you will not be surprised that in Herbert's books they get nicknames like Old Man of the Desert, Old Father Eternity or Grandfather of the Desert.

Active: 1995-present, USA

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