Tappi Tíkarrass - Creative cork ideas

What band name Tappi Tíkarrassmeans - Cork Oak barkThe band was only short-lived, but did gain some notoriety anyway – because it is here that Icelandic artist Björk set her first punk booted steps into the world of the more or less popular music. Tappi Tíkarrass was a kind of punk band that mixed elements such as funk, disco and jazz into its numbers.

Bassist Jakob Smári Magnússon's father apparently remarked one day that the music Tappi Tíkarrass made sounded like – pardon our Icelandic, or rather Jakob's father's - a cork in the ass of a slut - whatever he may have meant by that. But from that moment the name Tappi Tíkarrass was a fact: it means as much as 'put a cork in the behind of a prostitute'.

Delicacy clearly was not the band's main concern.

Active: 1981-1983, ISL

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