Alan Parsons Project - No sweat

Progressive rock band that produced concept albums in always changing formations. The driving force was provided by gifted technician and producer Alan Parsons (he was responsible for among others the Pink Floyd sound on the album Dark Side of the Moon) and songwriter/composer Eric Woolfson.

How Alan Parsons Project got their band name - No sweatTheir first joint production was a concept album based on the works of American author Edgar Allan Poe. The label of that LP initially only mentioned the title of the record (Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Edgar Allan Poe), but the record bosses saw things differently: a performing artist needed to be mentioned as well.

In a burst of uninventiveness a name was chosen that had been used to label the studio recordings with: The Alan Parsons Project. Done.

Active: 1975-1990, GBR

See also: Pink Floyd

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