Charged GBH - And still not behind bars

The hardcore/crossover trashband Charged GBH from Birmingham is usually called GBH in calm corridor chat.

What band name Charged GBH stands for - hannibal-lecter-behind-barsThese pioneers of the British hardcore scene derive their name from a code used by the English police force meaning grievous bodily harm. Charged GBH therefore means as much as 'accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm'.

There is no evidence for the assumption that GBH refers to 4-hydroxybutyric acid. That case would be hard to make anyway, because the abbreviation of this acid is GHB.

It is a substance found in man's central nervous system and can also be synthesized by obtaining it from, for example, wine, meat or minor citrus fruit. The active ingredient – considered an illegal drug in many countries - is used to treat narcoleptics (people who suffer from 'sleeping sickness').

Active: 1978-present, GBR

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