Death from Above 1979 - A hint of uneasiness

Just like their name the music made by the now defunct DFA1979 was quite heavy: the Toronto-born dance-punk duo liked to play loud, metal-influenced music. And they managed to do that quite well with the basic instruments available to them (primarily bass and drums).

Death From Above 1979 band name explanation - Mors ab alto - 7th_Bomb_WingAs is so often the case with band names, this name also almost literally came out of the blue. Rummaging through the articles of a shop selling excess army stuff, bassist Jesse F. Keeler stumbled upon the motto Death From Above, although the slogan was in Latin: Mors Ab Alto.

The pay-off is part of the official coat of arms of the 7th Bomb Wing Unit (7BW) of the Air Combat Command Twelfth Air Force, stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. The 7BW is one of only two units that occasionally take strategic bombers of the type B-1B Lancer out for a ride on warm summer nights.

To conclude this article: the number in the name of Death from Above 1979 is the birth year of percussionist Sebastian Graigner. The year 1979 was added to grant the military authorities the peace of mind they are entitled to, and perhaps also to avoid the feeling of uneasiness caused by incoming Lancer bombers.

According to Graigner an excellent addition: 'The last cool year of the last cool decade.'

Active: 2001-2006, CAN



Anonymous said...

In the movie Apocalypse Now, the first scene in which we meet Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, he lands in a helicopter that has Death From Above written on the front of the helicopter. Apocalypse Now came out in 1979. I always assumed this is where they got the name of the from.

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