Decemberists - Consider Siberia for example

Versatile band (indie rock, folk rock, baroque pop are on the repertoire among other things) from Portland, Oregon.

Music lovers who are a little versed in world history may know that with Decemb[e]rists the reform-minded young Russian officers and nobles are referred to, who revolted on December 26, 1825 in St. Petersburg. They seized the opportunity of an imminent succession (on 1 December Tsar Alexander I had died) to replace the autocratic government with a more liberal system. The rebellion was bloodily put down by the new tsar and the leaders were executed or exiled to Siberia.

Why Decemberists chose this band name  - Childe Hassam - Along the Seine, Winter (1887)All in all a beautiful explanation for the name Decemberists, but their lead singer, Colin Meloy, does not warm to it: 'That's not really why we named ourselves that.' According to Colin the name choice was motivated by the fact that December is such a 'dramatic' month, a bleak period in which some people withdraw in themselves: 'Sort of marginalized, sort of on the outskirts, all living in the coldest month.'

Active: 2000-present, USA

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