Ghoti Hook

Wonders never cease: Ghoti Hook was a band that managed to catch Christian principles in punk music.

These relipunkers, who came from Fairfax, Virginia, chose a name the first word of which was artificially constructed. Not by the band itself, but by someone who wanted to ridicule English spelling; in this context the names of William Ollier and George Bernard Shaw are often mentioned.

What band name Ghoti Hook means - Goatee stylesWhat it comes down to is that in English it is possible to pronounce ghoti as fish. Make the first two letters sound like the 'gh' as in tough, the 'o' as in 'women', and 'ti' as in 'nation'. Applied to the mysterious name Ghoti Hook the result is an ordinary Fish Hook.

Remarkably the band members did not pronounce the name like this at all: it sounded more like Goatee Hook. A goatee often goes together with a mustache, a combination sometimes called a talkong putiy.

Active: 1991-2002, USA

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