Gigolo Aunts

The power pop band Gigolo Aunts started out in the business as Sniper - that was when they were still in Potsdam, New York. In 1986, after moving to Boston, Massachusetts, the band picked up as Gigolo Aunts, after the song Gigolo Aunt by Syd 'Crazy Diamond' Barrett, the late frontman of the late primal Pink Floyd.

As is the case with so many of Barrett's compositions, 'Gigolo Aunt' is open to multiple interpretations.

Where Gigolo Aunts got their band name from - Masked auntOn the website a fan explains the chorus of the song ('Will you please keep on the track/'Cause I almost want you back/'Cause I know what you are/You are a gigolo aunt') as follows: the 'she'-figure is the boss. She has appropriated his male role. And while she did this out of love for him, he (Barrett, ed.) accuses her of doing this out of self-interest, acting like a cold-blooded schemer. Aunts are only there when it's fun; the rest of the time they want no responsibility.

Active: 1981-present, USA

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