H.N.A.S. - Thoroughly arbitrary

Experimental band founded by the Germans Christoph Heemann, Achim Flaam (aka Li Khan) and Andreas Martin. The formation was initially called Gegonge Miese ('lousy gong sounds').

What band name HNAS means - Beagle and deer on the couchThe acronym H.N.A.S. stands for Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, meaning 'no deer on the couch'. This completely incomprehensible phrase is derived from the title of one of the first songs by H.N.A.S., at the time recorded on cassette.

The name is perfectly true to the tradition the project members sustained from then on, and that was to give their compositions and albums enigmatic, ambiguous or simply comical titles. Here is our shot at more or less sensible translations of a few of these names:

Küttel im Frost - Küttel (a name?) in the frost

Bitte Werfen Sie Ihren Müll Aus Dem Fenster - Please throw your trash from the window

Im Schatten der Möhre - In the shadow of the carrot

Ach dieser Bart! - Oh that Bart!

The Book of Dingenskirchen - The book of the church of things

Musik für Schuhgeschäfte - Music for shoe shops

Willkür Nach Noten - Thoroughly arbitrary

Gegenstände Fallen Zu Boden - Objects fall to the ground.

The last title comes very close to the name of a band called Einstürzende Neubauten – New hauses falling down, also from Germany - that counts as a pioneer of the industrial genre, but there does not seem to be a relationship.

Active: 1983-approx. 1993, DEU

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