JJ72 - No jamjar

Another one of those band names – this one is used by indie rockers from Irish Dublin - the origin of which gave and gives cause to much guesswork.

That JJ72 is the model number of singer Mark Greaney's washer is - however fascinating it may be - unfortunately incorrect.

There is a confused story that describes how the band was guilty of talking a huge amount of jamjar (apparently Irish slang for 'bullshit'), and then learned from a TV documentary that 72 percent of everything that is said on our globe in fact is crap. The authors of this blog are faithfully making their contribution every day. From this point of view JJ72 could be the abbreviation of 'Jamjar 72%'.

How JJ72 chose their band name - James JoyceBut in a serious mood Greaney once confessed that number 72 was chosen because that is the year in which his parents got married ('If they hadn't, the band wouldn't exist - full stop') and that the letters JJ pay tribute to Irish writer and poet James Joyce (Greaney: 'That's what I got from Joyce and Finnegan's Wake: [that] you can be serious about stuff, but you can have a laugh in your own way.').

In 2006 Mark laughed no more, because in that year his band fell apart. That sad moment was announced in an amusing press release that opened with the following epitaph:

'Reader, we are to let thee know
JJ72's body only lies below
For could the grave JJ72's soul comprise
Earth would be richer than the skies.'


Active: 1999-2006, IRL
Site: http://www.jj72.org.uk/

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