Four man band from English Sunderland, that in its relatively short career mainly performed punk rock.

What inspired band name Kenickie - Jeff Conaway - GreaseThe members of Kenickie named their ensemble after their favourite character in the film Grease (1978), Kenickie, one of the four buddies of lead actor John Travolta (Danny Zuko in the film); the other three are Doodie, Putzie and Sonny.

The role of Kenickie was played by Jeff Conaway (deceased 2011), whose stepson is race car driver Emerson Newton-John, a son from a previous marriage of Conaway's first wife Rona Newton-John, who in turn is the older sister of Olivia Newton-John, Travolta's co-star in, yes, Grease.

Active: 1994-1998, GBR

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