Kentucky Headhunters - All Muddy again

Country rock and southern rock are the main features in the habitat of this quartet from Metcalfe County, Kentucky.

What inspired band name Kentucky Headhunters - filipino-headhunter-chest-tattooAfter having operated under the name Itchy Brother during the first one and a half decade (1968-1982, after a character from the cartoon series King Leonardo and His Short Subjects) they took a short break.

In 1986 the band was re-established, now as the Headhunters, a variation on the name The Headchoppers, after the band once led by blues musician Muddy Waters. Muddy used the term head chopper because his men were capable of outdoing many other bands on stage.

The name Headhunters was already in use by another band and that explains why the word Kentucky was later added to the band name.

Active: 1986-present, USA

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