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Where band name Marcy Playground comes from - playgroundThe three musicians who form the post grunge band Marcy Playground live in New York, but singer singer/guitarist John Wozniak went to school in Minneapolis. And not just any school: Marcy Open School, an alternative institution that still exists and that can be visited at 415 4th Ave SE.

Much of what Wozniak experienced at school - including the beatings that fell to him during breaks - he dealt with in his songs. We don't know if the hit from 1997 is about his Minneapolis service, but the title does not rule it out: Sex and Candy.

Active: 1996-present, USA



Inez Sugarfox said...

For a site that seems to be all about explaining things, you guys missed some details lol
Both Wozniak and bassist Dylan Keefe are from Minneapolis, and randomly attended sister open schools, across town from each other, but never met until years later while both residing in NYC. Original drummer Dan Reiser and Keefe both still live in NYC (as well as current drummer Shlomi Lavie), but Wozniak has been in Canada for years now. The song Sex & Candy was written after a moment in Wozniak's time at Evergreen university in Olympia WA.

Unknown said...

Wow Inez, we’re impressed! Cant help wondering what studying at Evergreen university is like …

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