Raspberries - A deflation case

How Raspberries got their band name - Einstein tongueWhen this pop rock band from Cleveland, Ohio still had no name, special sessions were organised to supply that want.

The suggestions that came forward were sometimes outrageous, bringing lead singer Eric 'The Kid' Carmen to a point of desperation in which he cited a favorite expression of Froggy from the classic comedy The Little Rascals: ‘Aww, strawberries!’. A real find without a doubt.

Please note that the group is called Raspberries, not The Raspberries!

And for the sake of completeness: blowing a raspberry is a denigratory (or rather deflationary) action: making the sound of a fart by sticking out the tongue and blowing hard.

Active: 1970-1975; 2004-present, USA
Site: http://www.raspberriesonline.com/band_bio.shtml

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