Alisha's Attic - Fiction is stronger than fact

London pop duo, consisting of Shelly McErlaine (born Poole) and Karen Poole. The sisters are of good family, because Brian Poole (of Brian Poole and The Tremeloes) is their father.

How Alisha's Attic got their band name - NightmareThe 'Alisha' person the band name refers to is a fictional character thought up by Shelly and Karen. Shelly in particular 'talked' a lot with this imaginary girlfriend.

It helped her get through the period between the age of four and thirteen. Shelly suffers, or suffered, from an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), causing a constant state of anxiety. The common characteristic of this disorder is the obsessive urge to react in the same specific way to compulsive thoughts and obsessions.

The word 'Attic' is a reference to the attic studio of fellow composer Terry Martin, where the sisters recorded their demos.

Active: 1996-2001, GBR

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