Belle Stars - No relation with Ringo

Where band name Belle Stars comes from - Belle StarrA rock band that consisted entirely of women and was born as ska formation The Bodysnatchers.

Guitarist Sarah-Jane Owen adopted the habit of dressing in cowboy clothes when performing, giving the band name credibility, because a Belle Star is a kind of cowgirl.

Women dressed in cowboy clothes owe their nickname to Myra Maybelle ('Belle') Shirley (1848-1889), a notorious horse thief from Carthage, Missouri. Because of her marriage with a Cherokee Indian named Sam Starr she could call herself Belle Starr.

Belle and Ringo Starr are not related.

Active: 1980-1986, GBR



Yes said...

Why would it have any relation with Ringo Starr (or even Maurice Starr) ? As you can see (?) their last name - which is, as we all know (?), a stage name - is spelt differently.

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