Deftones - One meaning is not enough

Always nice when a band name can be explained in several ways.

What inspired band name Deftones - Def_Jam_LogoThe rockers of American band Deftones (Sacramento, California) seem to have stated themselves that their name is a veiled tribute to Def Jam Records, a record label they admire. In other words, Deftones means tones based on sounds from the Def-stable.

Others note that the band members may be accusing their lead singer Chino of being tone deaf.

And yet another story has it that there should be a space between the 't' and the ' o': the deft ones, let's say the idiots.

Active: 1988-present, USA

See also: Soulfly



Razvan said...

'Deft' means something else. You're thinking of 'daft'.

Jaycie said...

Deft means "demonstrating skill and cleverness." The complete opposite of what you're saying. The tone is an attitude toward a subject or audience when you think about it in terms of literature. It could also mean attitude, choice of words or a viewpoint of an author. So I honestly believe Deftones is the bands way of saying they are the viewpoint of cleverness and skill. If you think about it in literal terms. The literal term could although have many meanings.

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