Gin Blossoms - Baffle them with bull

How Gin Blossoms got their band name - WC FieldsPost grungers from Tempe, Arizona, also flourishing when playing jangle pop.

They are supposed to have had the idea for a fun band name while viewing a photo or still entitled 'W.C. Fields with gin blossoms'.

No, the children hating, growling American actor is not shown in that picture with a cute nosegay, but with a bad case of drinking nose.

'Gin blossom ' is the popular name of the disorder rosacea. Such a whopper of a nose you get when you consume a lot of alcohol - gin for example - but there are more innocent causes as well, such as prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

Avoid discos folks!

Active: 1987-1997; 2002-present, USA

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