Hedda Gabler - Down in all her misery

Cult band from Utrecht, the Netherlands, originally a trio consisting of Rutger Gras, Wim de Jonge en Trudy van Ewijk.

What band name Hedda Gabler refers to - Hedda Gabler imageNamed after a theater play, radio play or film (in that case based on a play by Henrik Ibsen) or after a composition John Cale put on record in 1977, titled – yes - Hedda Gabler. If the signs do not deceive us the latter could very well be the most likely explanation, considering the rather obscure and ominous repertoire of the Utrecht formation.

Alright then, an impression of Cale's work to conclude this text with:

'Hedda Gabler
She'll go down in history
Hedda Gabler
Down in all her misery'.

Active: 1984-1990, NLD
Site: http://www.muziekencyclopedie.nl/action/entry/Hedda+Gabler

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