Better Than Ezra - Asking for speculation

Alternative rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

How to explain band name Better Than Ezra - Ezra Pound CogitatesThe band has never been very eager to explain the band name. 'It's a long story,' says singer / guitarist Kevin Griffin about Better than Ezra. 'And one that always lets people down whenever we finally tell them what it means. Trust me, it's better left unsaid.'

That's asking for vague speculations of course.

For example, researchers on their never ending quests have found a reference in a book by Ernest Hemingway, A Movable Feast. In this book the author argues that having to listen to someone's annoying chatter is preferable to the sounds Ezra makes practising the bassoon. Ezra in this case is poet, critic and intellectual Ezra Pound, who moved in Hemingway's circles. 'Anything better than Ezra learning how to play the bassoon' according to Hemingway.

Even better is the theory that was a consequence of the fact that Better Than Ezra first went through life as Ezra without any noticeable success. When one of the band members left, the opportunity was taken to 'improve' the name, so the name became Better Than Ezra.

Active: 1988-present, USA

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