Chimera - Family likeness

Thrash metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, that in the seven years of its existence managed to acquire an amount of fame with music that is compared to that of the Cranberries, the Cocteau Twins and the Sundays.

Where band name Chimera comes from - Mythological monsterThe Chimera is another one of those incredible combination animals Greek mythology is so rich in: a hideous monster with the body of a lioness, the head of a goat and a tail that ends in a snake head – now try to get your veterinarian to vaccinate this one against cat flu.

The beast is of good family however, because the parents (Typhon and Echidna) were also responsible for bringing into the world the Nemean Lion, Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.

There is also an American heavy metal band with the same name (albeit in a slightly different spelling: Chimaira), but it only became active after 1998.

Active: 1990-1997, GBR

See also: Cranberries

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