Del Amitri - Uh oh

Scottish pop rocking band from Glasgow owing their existence to the 'musicians wanted' ad posted by singer and guitarist Justin Currie (bass) in the window of a music store.

The meaning of the band name is a source of speculation for many decades already. Supposedly Del Amitri was originally called Del Amitri Rialzo. Most sources mention that Del Amitri is Greek for 'to/from the womb', but that seems to be wrong. Womb is 'mitra' in Greek, so it is close.

The least likely explanation is that the name is a handbag brand, the most obvious is that Currie has stitched together a number of syllables that combined sounded kind of fun.

What band name Del Amitiri means - super-ko-boxing-2-31policeThat the band itself was sick and tired of the name discussion during its existence is shown by a note on one of their albums: 'If you ask us what the name means - expect violence!'.

And then to think that we started our band name explanation business because we were told it would be low risk.

Active: 1980-2002, GBR



Anonymous said...

From an interview w Simmons 25 years ago: "when they would shoo us out of the pub at closing time, we would congregate beneath this old tree in the square. There we would decide whether to call it a night or continue our fun. This came to be known as the dilemma tree".

Unknown said...

I reckon it means "the three friends"?? Amie- friend
Tri- three?? Just a guess. .

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