I've Got the Bullets

Pop rock band discharged from Rotterdam mainly and with Frédérique Spigt as perhaps the best known band member.

Where band Ive Got The Bullets got their name from - Live_Fast_Die_Young_Rebel_Without_A_CauseFor the name the group consulted the film Rebel Without A Cause, at the end of which the widely lamented, prematurely deceased actor James Dean in the role of Jim Stark shouts out 'I Got The Bullets!', just after the police has shot John 'Plato' Crawford (played by Sal Mineo). Jim intended to protect his friend Plato by discreetly removing the bullets from John's gun before the fatal clash. Unfortunately the cops did not know that, resulting in a dead Plato.

An amusing detail is that the band probably copied the dialogue line incorrectly: in many places the sentence quoted is 'I got the bullets!' (instead of 'I've got the bullets').

Active: 1985-1990, NLD
Site: http://www.muziekencyclopedie.nl/action/entry/I've+Got+The+Bullets

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