Magic Numbers - Their most loyal fan is Fanny

Romeo Stodart, his sister Michele, Sean Gannon and his sister Angela together form English pop rock band The Magic Numbers. The quartet from Ealing broke a long silence about the meaning of the band name when Romeo Stodart clarified the situation early 2011.

In the past they were called Guess, so when they showed up at a venue and were asked 'What band do you guys play for?' the answer invariably was 'Guess'. That obviously caused some irritation of the kind of 'I deal with ten bands a night, I don't care'. After a while it became a tricky problem, and so they chose a name to express what it's really all about: playing enchanting songs.

Magic Numbers band name history - Enchanting cemeteryThe Magic Numbers almost had again a different name due to the fact that the four – so as not to bother anyone - went to a cemetery at night to rehearse.

At some point it dawned on them that they were almost always rehearsing in the same spot: near the tomb of one Fanny Jane Roberts. Stodart pointed out that Fanny was, so to speak, their most loyal fan and they wanted to reward that by calling the band the Fanny Jane Roberts Memorial Band. Fortunately that plan was never brought to life.

Active: 2002-present, GBR

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