Tee Set

Netherbeat band from Delft that managed to get one of its hits, She Likes Weeds, blacklisted in the US. And then to think that the song title was derived from a serious spy film, The Ipcress File.

It is more difficult to uncover the origin of the band name Tee Set: was the name simply pinched from the members of the later Pink Floyd, who used it in their earliest years? Seems unlikely, given the gap between what the Floyd and the Set respectively committed to vinyl.

Where Tee Set got their band name from - fisher-price-musical-tea-setIt could be a matter of megalomania: both the surname of the singer (Peter Tetteroo) and the first name of the manager (Theo Carey) of the Tee Set start with a T.

Further investigation and ample funding are required.

Active: 1966-1975; 1979; 1983, NLD
Site: http://www.bol.com/nl/c/muziek/tee-set/785586/index.html

See also: After Tea, Pink Floyd

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