Biffy Clyro - Thank you Sir!

Scottish rock band from Kilmarnock with a powerful and melodious sound and greatly appreciated for its complex, ingeniously interwoven guitar riffs.

What band name Biffy Clyro means - Cliff Richard - CliffThe most amusing legend about the origins of the band name is, that one of the future members possessed a ballpoint with an image of Cliff Richard: Cliffy's biro. A Spoonerism was then applied to change this into biffy clyro (see also Buckcherry and Lola Kite regarding this).

There are fans who have dismissed this story as baloney; they maintain that Biffy Clyro is an acronym: 'Big Imagination For Feeling Young - 'Cos Life Young's Real Optimism'. Even if this is proper English, it still sounds very far-fetched.

A third option seems equally fishy, viz a Welsh toilet, with Biffy being a portapotty make and Clyro a village in the south of Wales.

Active: 1995-present, GBR

Do you know a different explanation? Were you there when it happened? Questions or suggestions? Post a comment!

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