Finger 11 - Extra middle finger

What band name Finger 11 means - jerry-lee-lewis-fingerAlso written as Finger Eleven.

This Canadian rock and post grunge band from Burlington, Ontario was previously showing off as Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Given the anal fixation that this name seems to demonstrate, it wouldn't be so strange to suspect a genitally inspired new band name also; in that case it does not require much imagination to understand what an 'eleventh finger' is.

And yet another explanation is possible. In an interview from 1994 the band appears to have explained the concept of finger eleven by 'flipping someone off with both hands'. In other words, giving the (middle) finger with two hands at the same time. Not so decent either.

Active: 1989-present, CAN

Do you know a different explanation? Were you there when it happened? Questions or suggestions? Post a comment!



protostars said...

it's when a guy is counting on his fingers but he needs to go to 11. he uses his penis as the #11. finger 11 = penis

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