Girls Say Yes - To boys who say no

The jangle pop group Girls Say Yes is a collective of constantly changing composition rather than a close-knit well-oiled team of pop musicians. Central figure of the group is the traveling drummer, singer and songwriter Jim Huie, who managed to mobilize a large group of collaborators but still needed three years to come to a first album: To Boys Who Say No (2001).

How Girls Say Yes got their band name - To boys who say no - Poster Oakland Museum of CaliforniaPut band name and album title together in this order and virtually every American older than about sixty knows how the band came to its name. The slogan Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No occurs on a sixties poster distributed at the time of the Vietnam war. The poster shows protest singer Joan Baez, seated on a couch with her two sisters. With the text on the poster the Baez sisters want to make clear that boys who refuse military service can count on their support.

The poster was created to support the work of the Draft Resistance. This organisation helped (and helps) young men drafted for military service to become a war resister. At the end of a gig in Madison Square Gardens (New York) Joan Baez apparently said:

'If you feel that to go to war is wrong, then you must say no to the draft. And if young ladies feel it's wrong to kill, then you can say yes to the young men that say no to the draft.'

Active: approx. 1998-present, USA

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