Lemonheads - From the Ferrara Band Name Company

Originally punk rockers, but later switched to a bit sweeter alternative rock.

How did Lemonheads choose their band name - Lemonheads_candyThe group from Boston, Massachusetts first played a while under the name The Whelps, until they met with candy marketed as Lemonheads.

Singer/guitarist Evan Dando described the lemon cups once as sweet on the inside and sour on the outside, which is probably a reference to the Lemonheads' music.

The candy manufactured under the same name comes from Chicago. The manufacturer, the Ferrara Candy Company, makes more sweets, such as Jaw Busters ('The Original Jaw Breakers'), Atomic Fireballs, Original Boston Baked Beans, Grapeheads (formerly Alexander the Grape) and Red Hots.

If there are no good band names among these then we don't know what a good band name is.

Active: 1986-1997; 2005-present, USA
Site: http://www.thelemonheads.net/

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