Alter Bridge

How Alter Bridge got their band name - Fox Creek Canals - DetroitRock band, one of the members of which is Mark Tremonti from Detroit.

Mark's parents did not allow him to cross Alter Bridge, which in spite of its stately name is a fairly common bridge.

This cross-river connection marked the border between the prosperous Grosse Pointe Park district and other Detroit districts that were less well-off.

As crossing over from rich to poor inevitably goes hand in hand with uncertainty, it was better to avoid the bridge.

The band didn't know how things would turn out for them either when they started, so Alter Bridge was an excellent choice.

Active: 2004-present, USA



Anonymous said...

Actually alter bridge does not cross any boundaries, it is however known for it's insane steepness, you could catch air just doing 15 MPH over it. Being a eastside Detroit teenager is not complete till you've beat the shit out of your moms car jumping it....

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