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What band name Amazing Blondel means - French troubadour Blondel de NesleAcoustic progressive folk band from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

It's not easy to tag this formation if the starting point is the variety of definitions appearing on one's monitor after some googling. 'Psych folk' is one of these tags, or 'Tudor style folk', or 'Medieval folk rock'.

Without further ado let's consider this to be 'reinvented Renaissance music', a term not coined by us either.

The name Amazing Blondel pays homage to French troubadour Blondel de Nesle (approx. 1155-1202). Blondel, so the story goes, went on a crusade on the side of English King Richard I.

Tales about him travelling from jail to jail to find the secret hiding place of his King need to be written off as fiction. Everyone knew Richard simply stayed in a Dürnstein dungeon, in Austria.

Active: 1969-1973; 1997-present, GBR

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