Big Audio Dynamite

How Big Audio Dynamite got their band name - Barney-Rubble-Cartoon PicturesBritish band that later fused with the names Big Audio Dynamite II and Big Audio and often was dubbed BAD, set up by ex-guitar player and singer of The Clash, Mick Jones.

 Think of a blast of punk rock, dance, hip hop, reggae and funk.

Jones wished for a band name that could be reduced to BAD; apparently too soft a brand image was undesirable.

And so the name became Big Audio Dynamite, according to reports (we have not found hard evidence yet) the name of the solid rocking band of Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstone's inseparable buddy. Together they performed in cartoon series The Flintstones.

Active: 1983-1998, GBR

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